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Cast Steel Electric Gate Valve PN16

Cast Steel Electric Gate Valve


Cast steel electric gate valve products overview:
Z940/941H cast steel material electric gate valve used in petroleum, chemical, thermal power plant under various working conditions such as the pipeline, cut off or connect pipe medium.By choosing different materials such as stainless steel, chrome molybdenum steel applicable medium: water, oil, steam, weak acid and alkali solution, such as high temperature liquid condition.Mode of operation: electric.Electric gate valves has simple structure, convenient operation, good performance, long service life. 

Z940/941H  cast steel electric gate main features and use:
1, electric valve gate valve compact structure, reasonable design, good rigidity, smooth channel, small flow resistance coefficient.
2, the sealing surface of stainless steel and carbide, long service life.
3, using the flexible graphite packing plate, reliable seal, flexible operation of the light.
4, electric actuator driven by open easily, and structural form for the elastic wedge single valve, rigid wedge valve plate.
5, electric flanged gate valve is widely used in petroleum, chemical, thermal power plants such as oil, water, steam pipeline connected or truncated the medium inside the pipe opening and closing device.

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