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Wafter Type Check Valve

To avoid a significant excess of pressure in the pipeline, used a special kind of valve - safety valves. With such a valve, the surplus working fluid is ejected from duct - at the discharging pipe section or directly to the atmosphere.

This measure allows to avoid water hammer. Valves of this type can be used in pipes with different types of conductivity of the medium: water, gas, condensate, steam, and a number of aggressive media.

Safety valves can be installed not only on pipelines but also in the tanks, vessels, boilers, etc. After a certain part of the work environment dropped from the system and the pressure returned to normal, the release medium is terminated



Bearing - PTFE

Stem - Stainless steel

Spring - Stainless steel

Seal - EPDM

Plates - Chromed ductile iron

Body - Cast iron

Pressure - PN 10/16

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